• Testimonials

  • Dr. Costigan and her entire staff are fantastic. I had to get a mouth guard impression done today, which I was very nervous about. Dr. Costigan worked with me to make me as comfortable as possible and got the job done with care. The dental hygienists are so friendly and are actually really fun to catch up with. I never thought I would look forward to going to the dentist. Thank you Dr. Costigan and the whole staff at San Marin Dental!

    Andrea O.

  • I hadn't been to the dentist's office in a decade. And before that it was probably as a student in elementary school. (I'm 30 now lol). So what finally forced me to go was my insane wisdom teeth that caused me occasional discomfort and were pushing my teeth forward. I chose to go to San Marin Dental because I live nearby.

    I arrived 20 minutes early and was given some paperwork. My appt began a couple of minutes after scheduled and I was seated comfortably in a chair. Photos taken of my teeth and then the results came in...

    Dr. Costigan came in and told me she knew I hadn't been flossing. She said she could see the build up between each tooth lol. I digust myself! lol She lectured me about the importance of flossing and then we had a few chuckles. I felt less bad about my lack of dental care and after a slightly painful (but well done) and much needed teeth cleaning, I was given the name of a dentist who does wisdom teeth extractions.

    She first gave me options on how I could cut my costs (xrays etc) and I followed her advice. I ended up paying $710 out of pocket for all four wisdom teeth with my insurance. I suppose that is the going rate. She absolutely made sure that I get the best care and she called every place I needed to go that very minute. I was able to get two appts at the places I needed to go to in the same day. I was seriously impressed! Thanks to her and her staff I was able to get everything done in an incredibly prompt fashion! (I sound like a tacky commercial but it's so true lol)!

    I have never given 5 stars but Dr. Costigan and her staff are exceptional. And I suppose it was her telling me I was pretty that convinced me to recommend my husband go there to get his chipped tooth repaired (he was previously seeing a rather colder, seeming dentist near Ignacio). His appt was today and she managed to save the tooth. The appt ran an hour later than expected but he is doing fine. He will be back in two weeks for the crown. She offered to let us pay the full payment in three installments which was very convenient! Letting your clients have payment options makes it seem like you're less money hungry and care more about our overall health.

    My husband texted me later and told me she told him that he should be an actor because he looked like Jason Statham and that her son had tried but he sucked lmao! I was dying... I think I might make excuses just to see her!

    Lana I.

  • Dr. Costigan and her staff are awesome people!!! My husband and I were her patients until we moved back down to Southern California. Everyone at the office are friendly, helpful, and up front when it comes to what needs to be done and how billing works and what would be billed to you and what would be billed to the insurance.

    The procedures were painless except for a pinch here and there when they injected the numbing medicine, but overall, they made us feel relaxed and comfortable. We would definitely come back to Dr. Costigan if we are ever in the North Bay again.

    Linda M.

  • Dr. Costigan and her team are so helpful and caring. We have been seeing Dr. Costigan and her crew for over four years now. Whether or not they actually remember us (though I'm certain they do), I always feel like they remember us and our teeth, and they take a genuine interest in helping us improve our teeth health.

    It's kind of like going to a small salon where you kinda know everyone a little bit though maybe only interact with a couple of people each visit. Regardless, it's a visit we look forward to, and that's directly from the personal care and concern they provide to all their patients.

    Colleen H.