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  • Oral Cancer Awareness and Your Health

    In honor of April being Oral Cancer Awareness Month, our Novato dentist wants to remind you to schedule your dental exam.  Oral Cancer Awareness is important in any month, and May is no different.  If you haven’t visited us in the last 6 months, book your appointment today with our Novato [...]

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    TMJ Syndrome and Home Remedies

    Spring is a fresh start to the New Year as April showers rinse away the dust and grime of winter and give life to beautiful blossoms in our gardens.  But if jaw pain causes you to detach from the beauty of the season, it may be time to visit your Novato dentist office.    TMJ or TMD, What[...]

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    Stay Safe During Spring Sports

    Outdoor sports are in full swing as spring begins.  And while we Californians enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures year round, that’s not the case for other parts of the country.  Still, it is important to make sure you and your children are prepared for outdoor activities with safety in [...]

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     Conversation Hearts: A Dentist’s Perspective

    Happy Valentine’s Day from your Novato dentist and staff!  Today’s the day to embrace your sweetheart, pass out Valentine’s to classmates, and for many, race to the store to scrounge up a last-minute bouquet of flowers.  Amid all the festivities, you’re bound to cross paths with a [...]

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    Plan Your Year: A Healthy Body, a Healthy Mouth

    One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight.  But what does that entail?  Do you go on a diet?  Exercise more?  Eat less junk?  The key to keeping your resolution on track is to make a plan that will get you to your goal.  Our Novato dentist and staff hope you are as [...]

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