• Give Yourself The Gift You Want This Holiday Season: A Brighter Smile

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    The holidays are nearly here. You’ve likely thought about what would make the perfect gift. What could be better than the gift you share with the world every day? Your smile can be shared infinitely and will outlast any material item. With office parties and family get-togethers, there are many opportunities to share your smile. What a great excuse to visit your Novato dentist! We will give you a brighter smile in our painless procedure for you to share with the world! 

    How Bright Is Your Smile? 

    Lights and camera flashes aren’t the only things that should brighten up the room this holiday season. Your investment into yourself and your smile can pay off for years! Consider a teeth whitening procedure at our Novato dentist office. Your smile is most often the first impression you share with others. Holiday photos will represent you for years. How bright do others see you? This is your opportunity to leave others in awe of your presence. 

    Why Do Teeth Stain? 

    Food and drinks play a huge role in the brightness of your smile. Acidic foods, coffee, soda, beets, smoking… all of these and more can potentially stain your teeth or leave them discolored. Red, red wine is a well-known culprit for staining your smile and can tempt you to smile while hiding behind your hands out of fear that you’ll look like the joker in holiday photos for years. Smoking can also leave your teeth less white and more yellow in tint. Health conditions or medications can also play a role in the whiteness and brightness of your smile. Consider carrying a spare toothbrush with you to brush after these teeth-staining items. Remember that moderation is key, and it’s much easier to brush off proof of a glass of wine from your smile than the entire bottle.  In general, refraining from dark drinks and smoking can keep your smile brighter for longer. Reach out to your Novato dentist team if you have questions. 

    How Do I Get a Brighter Smile? 

    If you are less than impressed with the brightness of your smile and want to talk about options with your Novato dentist, just call us! We can evaluate your specific goals and your treatment options. You’ll be able to find the best solution from our various options that will give you the best holiday gift to yourself: a sparkling brighter smile. 

     How Do I Keep It Bright? 

    If you choose to brighten your teeth with our teeth whitening procedure, invest the time into yourself to maintain a healthy oral health routine. Brush twice, daily, floss, and avoid the things that can leave you less than satisfied with the color of your smile. Consider choosing not to smoke anymore, and to replace that habit with a healthy one before going in to get your teeth whitened, to keep your smile looking bright for years to come. 

    You deserve to shine bright on the outside as much as you do on the inside. Call our Novato dentist to schedule your teeth whitening. Get ready to dazzle your peers, family, and friends this season. A bright smile will improve your confidence and open up more opportunities for you to share your presence with others, in style. Like our Facebook page for the latest and greatest tips on oral health. Are you looking forward to your brightest smile yet?