• Graduating? Have Whiter Teeth on your Big Day

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    In just a few short months many of our Novato dentist patients will walk across a stage in their cap and gown ready to accept their diplomas.  As the dentist Novato families trust with their cosmetic dentistry and oral health, we’ve had the honor of watching you all grow into adulthood.  We are so excited for your success.  As you prepare for your big day, we want to remind you that there is time to prepare your smile.  Get your smile ready and consider our teeth whitening service.    

    Preparing for Graduation Day

    As with most things in life, graduation day requires a little preparation.  You’ll have to order your cap and gown, possibly get a haircut, order invitations or even get your resume ready.  Add teeth whitening to your checklist so that your smile can shine.  You can be sure that the cameras will be on hand to capture your moment so treat yourself and your smile by visiting our Novato dentist.  We’ll help you get that dazzling smile you need for great pictures.  Whiter teeth also boost your confidence which will ensure you’re ready for your next adventure after graduation.

    Whiter Teeth

    The best way to obtain whiter teeth is to visit our Novato dentist.  We offer Teeth Whitening services that give you the professional experience you need.  We’ll determine how many shades whiter you’d like your teeth to be and then walk you through our in-office procedure.  We typically use a special solution which is painted on the teeth and then activated by a special light. In most cases, the results are immediate if you are going a shade or two whiter.  In just one day you can be ready for graduation day with your vibrant, new smile.

    Smile with Confidence

    A great smile gives you confidence and will help you be ready for graduation and the next steps your life takes.  You’ll create a warm welcoming for all you meet and have the boost your self-esteem needs to take on life.  When you are proud of your smile, you become more confident in yourself.  An amazing smile helps you look professional and put together.  Visit with our Novato dentist to see how we can help you get the smile you want.

    We can’t wait to see what amazing things the graduating classes of 2019 does in this world.  We’ve enjoyed watching you grow and know you’re all destined to do great things.  Learn more about whiter teeth via our Facebook page or give us a call. Take the step now toward whiter teeth so you can be ready for your graduation day as well as whatever the future holds for you.