• Get a Great Smile in the New Year

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    Are you looking forward to the New Year?  Have you thought about what New Year’s resolutions you will make?  Maybe the better question is: which resolutions will you stick to?  As a trusted dentist Novato residents visit for their cosmetic dentistry and oral health needs, maybe this is the year to resolve to improve your smile.  It is a New Year’s resolution that will last a lifetime with many health benefits as an added bonus.  Diets and workout routines are typical resolutions, but don’t always last.  This year, take advantage of your dental insurance at the beginning of the year to set you up for a year of success and a lifetime with a beautiful smile. 

    Start with research

    It only takes a few phone calls to get started with this smile goal in mind.  Our Novato dentist recommends calling your dental insurance company, our office to schedule a consultation, and perhaps your HR department.  Your HR department can help you understand your health savings plan and what the account can cover.  The dental insurance company working in tandem with our staff can create a clear picture for your coverage.

    Have a plan

    Once you have consulted with our Novato dentist regarding your smile makeover, we can set a path for what needs to be done.  When you begin the research and planning sessions early in the New Year, you give yourself the opportunity to plan ahead.  You’ll understand what you will need to save for, what procedures you might want, and how to schedule accordingly.

    Make it happen

    Finally, with just a couple of phone calls and a bit of research, you can put your plan in motion.  By understanding your dental insurance, health savings plan, and having confidence in our Novato dentist, you can get the smile you have worked so hard for.  You’ve made a wonderful investment in your smile, your life, and for your own well-being.  Whether you need preventative dentistry measures, bridges, dental implants, or teeth whitening, you’ve made it possible to happen.

    If at any time you have a question about our services and your dental insurance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Check out our Facebook page for our services and contact information or stop by the office to get a tour.  We love seeing new smiles and making new smiles for everyone we meet.  Have a wonderful New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon!