• Pediatric Dentistry and Your Children

  • Pediatric Dentistry Novato dentistAs a new parent, finding ways to teach our kids and establishing a routine can seem overwhelming.  Getting out the door on time, making sure they eat nutritional foods, and maintaining their health are just a few of thousands of tasks you need to accomplish as a parent.  Even a simple visit to our Novato dentist can be fraught with a bit of cluster.  Luckily, we’re not the first to have children, nor will we be the last.  Parenting is about finding the balance in life while providing protection and support for our little ones.  However, once we establish a routine, it’s not time to get lazy. 

    Children keep us on our toes and can quickly throw a wrench in our planning.  Think they sleep well?  Just wait; they’re bound to decide midnight is a great time to play.  Does your child act like an angel?  Ha ha…don’t trust that for a second.  Raising a child definitely has its ups and downs, but the roller coaster ride that they take you on is done with unconditional love and support and vice versa.  The bigger issues arise with your 2nd and 3rd children; what worked for the 1st child is likely to not work for another.  It’s a game of strategy and puzzles, so hopefully the tips below for a successful Novato dentist visit help in at least one area.

     Start Early

    Ideally, children should have their first dental appointment when their first tooth begins to appear.  However, don’t neglect brushing and flossing until you visit our Novato dentist and hygienist.  Brush children’s gums with a soft, damp washcloth using circular motions.  This removes the bacteria from the gums and keeps them healthy and free of infection.  When they are ready for their first pediatric dental appointment, they will already be used to having their teeth and gums inspected.

    Stay Positive

    When the time comes for their first appointment, refrain from adding negative comments.  You may not be a fan of the dentist, but your child has yet to make up her own mind.  Instead, make it fun so children don’t become scared.  Talk with them about how the dentist will count their teeth and tickle their gums.  Avoid talking about pain, as they will wonder why pain would be a topic in the first place.  Starting off with a positive experience ensures their oral health will be important to them for the rest of their lives.

    Schedule the whole family

    The benefit of our Novato dentist practicing family dentistry is that we can provide dental services to the entire family.  If you all have to visit us, it can help calm the little ones as a familiar face is nearby.  We love watching your families grow and look forward to providing exceptional dental care for every member of your tribe.


    Children of any age will always find a way to ruffle our feathers.  The best we can do is to take it one day at a time and be prepared and flexible.  Start children off on the right foot by helping them learn the importance of their health and proper oral health care.  More information is available on our Facebook page, and you are always welcome to share your dental concerns with our team.