• Oral Cancer Awareness and Your Health

  • Novato dentist oral cancerIn honor of April being Oral Cancer Awareness Month, our Novato dentist wants to remind you to schedule your dental exam.  Oral Cancer Awareness is important in any month, and May is no different.  If you haven’t visited us in the last 6 months, book your appointment today with our Novato dentist and hygienist.


    What Happens in an Oral Cancer Screening?

    If you keep your regularly scheduled appointments with your Novato dentist, you can rest assured that you have had a thorough Oral Cancer Screening before.  Our dentist checks you for oral cancer and abnormalities at every dental exam.  If you haven’t seen us in a while, this is a great time to give us a call.  As part of our dental exam, we take a few minutes to examine your oral cavity for lumps, abnormal bleeding, and soft tissue discoloration.  Performing this exam each time you visit means we can catch cancer in its early stages.  This alone is the key to surviving an oral cancer diagnosis.


    Do Changes in my Medical History Matter?

    As with any appointment with our Novato dentist, let us know if you’ve begun new medications or had any surgeries that we were not aware of previously.  Your mouth, teeth, and gums all play a role in your body’s systems and a change in your medical history can change our approach to your oral treatment plan.  Gum disease leads to heart problems and problem teeth affect your digestive system.  The systems of the body are built to interact with each other so the more information we have the better we can treat you.


    Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

    Many factors and issues may lead to an oral cancer diagnosis; however, with proper oral care you can help your body and mouth stay as healthy as possible.   Quit all forms of tobacco and brush two times each day.  Floss daily, and visit your Novato dentist every 6 months.  Research has proven that early detection of oral cancer is the answer.  The mortality rate is high in oral cancer patients simply because they waited too long to seek care.  By keeping your 6 month appointment, small issues won’t have the chance to turn into life-threatening situations.  Let us help you take care of yourself and your oral health.


    We encourage all of our patients, friends, and family to gain the education and understanding about the risks oral cancer pose.  Follow our Facebook page for more information or give our office a call if you have any questions or concerns.   Let our Novato dentist and staff help you develop a great oral hygiene regimen.  We want your mouth and smile in the best condition possible and cancer-free.