• Stay Safe During Spring Sports

  • sports mouthguards teethOutdoor sports are in full swing as spring begins.  And while we Californians enjoy the sunshine and mild temperatures year round, that’s not the case for other parts of the country.  Still, it is important to make sure you and your children are prepared for outdoor activities with safety in mind.  These tips from our Novato dentist will protect not only your body, but your teeth as well.


    Wear a helmet

    While not every sport requires a helmet, contact sports, biking, skiing, and skateboarding are all activities where a helmet should be part of the uniform.  Helmets protect us from serious concussions.  Baseball and softball players at risk of getting hit with stray balls should also wear a helmet whenever possible.  Concussions are often caused by excessive contact, a hit with a ball, or even an accidental kick to the head when a player is on the ground.  Helmets limit the amount of potential danger to your brain and absorb some of the force.

    Helmets with facemasks protect your facial bones and teeth.  Catchers are seen wearing these headgears most often, but if you wear braces or simply wish to protect your smile and face, a facemask is a great idea.


    Use a mouthguard

    Mouthguards may seem like they only protect your teeth, but they also provide protection for your jaw bones and have shown to reduce the level of injury from a concussion.  The cushion provided by the mouthguard keeps your jaw bones from grinding together and relaxes your facial muscles.  Thus, if impact occurs, less damage is done.  Of course, tooth protection is a benefit of these dental devices as well.  Broken teeth require restorative dental procedures by our Novato dentist and team.  We’ve seen plenty of oral injuries due to improper use, or lack of a mouthguard.


    Stay hydrated

    Drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated.  The water improves our body’s internal systems and keeps muscles and bones in top form.  Sugary drinks may be advertised by promoting electrolyte replacement, just make sure to rinse your mouth with water to remove the sugar that will stick to your teeth.


    Wear sunscreen

    Outdoor activities mean long days in the sun at times so protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  A little sunshine is good for our bodies and our Novato dentist reminds us that sunshine helps us produce vitamin D.  This vitamin is essential for healthy bones and teeth.  Vitamin D also decreases the risk of periodontal disease by promoting healthy gums.


    By making smart choices regarding safety equipment, wearing a mouthguard during practices and games, and getting enough water on a daily basis, your spring season will be a success.  Pop on over to our Facebook page for more ways to protect your teeth and gums, or give us a call to discuss which mouthguard is right for you.